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About Rident Park

Inspiration for Rident Park

In 2014, Rident Park was founded by families who share the vision of a creating a unique life-span housing community for adults with special needs. After spending several years exploring various housing models around the U.S. and abroad, we developed a shared vision depicting a compelling future for our special children—Where Home and Community Are One.℠

Rident Park is a “Destination Supported Living Community” serving adults with a wide variety of developmental disabilities. The philosophy behind the destination community concept is to provide an enticing residential environment that draws families, residents, care providers, supporters, volunteers and other members of the local community into Rident Park for the enrichment of everyone. As the Rident Park community is fully experienced over time, a lasting sense of well-being, peace of mind is fostered creating a vibrant and nurturing community for the benefit of all.

Our community name—Rident Park, is derived from the definition of “rident” which means the display of happiness, laughter and cheerfulness. Combining “rident” with “park” which means an open gathering space with trees and greenery, we envision a happy and cheerful meeting place that serves as a hub of activity for our community; a desired destination for our children, our families and our supporters.

Community Values

  • We value, acknowledge and respect the diverse needs of all members of our community.
  • We value self-expression, with an open heart and a non-judgmental attitude.
  • Our standard of care is principled compassionate care; nothing less.
  • We take ownership and responsibility for our decisions, ideas and actions.
  • We evaluate, explore, and seek advice and opinions to improve the lives of all members of the community.
  • Safety is at the center of every decision, plan and action that affects our community.
  • Through all that we do, we will strive to promote an environment where home and community are one.

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Peter’s Story
Peter’s Story

Peter was born in 1995. We were very excited and envisioned wondrous new adventures with our son Peter...this was an amazing new chapter opening up in the life of the Grotte family.

Peter’s Story