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What is a “Destination Supported Living Community”?

Key components of Rident Park’s Destination Supported Living Community will include:

  • A place that our residents will feel that Rident Park is their home and is also attractive for family members, friends, care providers and supporters who want to work there, visit and spend time there to enjoy each other and interactive activities such as, BBQ’s, picnics, recreation, movie night, music and dance nights, and concerts.
  • A beautiful, safe, joyful and vibrant community where positive interactions between neighbors, inside and outside of Rident Park, are a regular occurrence.
  • Ease of access to the Town of Windsor to benefit from the various amenities such as shopping, lodging, restaurants, parks, libraries, recreation and vocational opportunities.
  • A place that direct care providers are attracted to because of the ease of commute, pleasant surroundings, quality work environment in all aspects, and the availability of a range of amenities when they go off the Rident Park grounds.
  • A supported living community designed for approximately 16 adults with developmental disabilities who choose to live there.

Sustainable Residential Community Principles

Rident Park aspires to create a “Sustainable Residential Community” that provides peaceful and safe spaces for daily living, recreation and the enrichment of its residents. At Rident Park many options are available for accessing the wider community. It will act as a “good steward” of all environmental, social and financial resources for the present and future needs of all its residents.


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Aaron’s Story
Aaron’s Story

Our journey began when our son Aaron was diagnosed with autism in 1997, at the age of three. On a foggy winter morning my husband Sherman and I sat in the psychologist’s office eagerly awaiting instructions...

Aaron’s Story